tomtac: (arresting "Little Green Man" feline)
tomtac ([personal profile] tomtac) wrote2015-10-29 06:24 pm

Since we will now see a lot more of Paul Ryan ...

... this would be the day to resurrect this piece-of-fluff video from the 2012 election.

[There is something wrong because the video isn't automatically popping open on dreamwidth.
The video URL is

so just click on it. It does pop up correctly on LiveJournal.]

I found it interesting, at the time, because it was explicitly so positive that it seems pro-Ryan. But if anyone listens to the words, it obviously was anti-Ryan. And, in the end, there were viewers that decided that the pro-Ryan "feel" overcame the anti-Ryan "intent".

Anyway, the Web is full of "niches", and this was one of them. The few people who knew of this video gave the players "superstar" treatment, and the singers appeared in the comment section for interview questions. ... and then ... from 2013 to now, just about nothing happened there. Completely forgotten, and it was hard to find.

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