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It only took six years.

I paid a visit to a grave I remember in Second Life, an artificial world on the web.

(for visually challenged: a granite tombstone on green grass under a blue sky. not a photograph, but graphics of the kind found in Second Life. The stone reads "JEANNE ROBINSON. March 30, 1948  -  May 30, 2010.  FAREWELL  STARDANCER." There are stars next to the words.)

I do not know what Patron set up the Callahan's Saloon on Conch Island there, with the lighthouse on the hill overlooking. I have never checked the tombstone for the username of the fan that created Jeanne Robinson's tombstone there.

But the top of the hill is a pretty place, with a beautiful view.

* * * * *

Jeane Robinson died six years ago today. Aside from being the wife and writing partner of a famous writer, she also pioneered the ideas of Zero G Dance.  She and her husband co-wrote a series of novels about the concept, "Stardance".

This anniversary is a special one for her, because only a few months ago, the music group OK Go released a video with a lot of Zero G Dance, the first of its kind. (They used a Russian company's aircraft for the Zero G.)

It is frenetic and mind blowing, probably because it is very quickly paced, undoubtedly because the times of Zero G that they had available were only 21 seconds long.

If that is not clear, they have other videos that explain how this was all done.

And I feel almost certain that this "dance company with Zero G Plane" must have studied Jeanne's efforts. She may be to Zero G Dance what Robert Goddard was Rocketry. Both born in the U.S., both seemed to live for the future, and both worked to bring it about ... but their efforts first bore fruit over in Europe.

Enjoy, and raise a glass to Jeanne Robinson's dream coming about! It only took six years after her passing; she was not just ahead of her time, she is one of the authors of this our time.

(Facebook, but account should not be needed.)


(Youtube - "Upside Down Inside Out" Behind the Scenes. How We Did It)

God's Blessings.

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