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Over on Reddit, someone asked for a story he could tell his three year old.  The little dictator had two requirements.

Pirates.  And a witch.

Here is something I wipped up, and I will post it in a couple of minutes.

(You can sing this one. What three year old wouldn't like his father singing him to sleep?)

    Just lay right down and you'll hear a tale,
    A tale of a pirate ship!
    It sailed out of a tropic port
    And went on fateful trip.

    The mate was a mighty sailing man!
    The Captain brave and sure!
    The pirates all had money (YES!)
    But they all wanted more.


    The greedy pirates acted tough.
    But they were not that smart!
    A witch came 'board to speak to them,
                 (grab the front of your shirt here)
    And she clutched at her heart.

                        (now sing in a witch's voice)
    "Oh, sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
     A tale both sad and true.
     A Queen with lots of money BUT
     She is as poor as you!

    "She put her money in a bank!
     The bank then kept it all!
     To get her money she must pay
     A fee that's very small.

    "Now please believe me when I say
     That money she has NOT!
     And please ignore the silly way
     That she got in this spot!

    "Because she said she'd make me rich,
     (I'm glad I didn't laugh)
     If I paid the small fee for her,
     OfHerMoney, I'd get Half.

     GET HALF!

    "And now I need your help, my friends,
     I'm here to pass the hat!
     I'd keep those riches for myself,
     But my wallet's flat!

    "You'll be the richest in the world!
     The richest ones by far!
     For here's an email from the Queen
     From Nigeria!

    "The Phones, that's right! The Motorcars!
     Why, you can have them all!
     With the money that's left you
     Can really have a ball!"

    The Captain started talking tough!
    "That's quite a deal, my dear!
     We'll send the Queen our treasure!
     She can send her money here!"

    On an island they dug up
    All their buried treasure.
    The witch took it and then she took
    Their ship for good measure!

    So the pirates all were castaways,
    They're stuck for a long, long time,
    They'll have to make the best of things,
    It's an uphill climb.

    The first mate and the Captain too,
    Will do their very best,
    To make the others comfortable,
    In the tropic island nest.

    No phone, no lights, no pirate ship!
    Not a single luxury,
    Like Robinson Crusoe,
    As primitive as can be.

    And we'll see them ten years from now,
    You're sure to think it's funny,
    When the stranded pirate crew
    Will still wait for their money.


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