Sep. 22nd, 2013 03:19 pm
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Message at the top of my login page:

tomtac, your current position in the Top Journals is: 13,796

Yes! Time to celebrate!
If one has broken the 13,800 barrier, is there anything left to prove?
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... to share my yard, at night, with fireflies -- dozens and dozens and dozens of them.

I remember when I read that people used to make money by catching lots of them and keeping them in a lantern, to be used as ... a lantern. I thought once that might be a fun sideline, but I was concerned about what the fireflies would think of it. That's their way of attracting mates, like the flower a Hawaiian woman might put in her hair. Would Hawaiian women like to be tied together to form a bouquet?

Fireflies are like watching stars on one's lawn. The ones here in the Carolinas will let me walk up to them as they fly, and as I put my hand out, they can be coaxed to land on me and light me up.

Fireflies. I am as happy as I was as a boy.
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Apparently, that's true of the fireflies, too. This weekend, I saw them turn up for Spring~2012 in my front yard, pretty much ahead of time(?), early May.

They're always a treat.
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With Spring less than a month away now, it is probably a good idea to forbid this kind of cruelty to springs.

(I like the one furthest from the camera, it looks like it got in a few extra somersaults.)
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Trac is not Trig's father. Trig is Trac's brother.
Tripp is not Trig's brother. Trig is Tripp's uncle.

I find this helps keep the names straight for me, so I won't offend if I ever meet any of them.
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BAD SF NOVEL: 5am: US Pres gets Nobel Peace Prize. 730am: US bombs Moon. 9am: Moon declares war on US...
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Someone mentioned their "Hello, World!" program to me. I realized what was needed and just finished writing a program for "World" to say "Hello" back.


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